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Colour Theory: Exploring the Psychology of Blue & Our 2023 Benjamin Moore Favorites

Welcome to a fascinating world where colors do more than catch the eye – they wield the power to shape moods, elevate spaces, and evoke emotions. It's the realm of interior design, where hues become tools of transformation. Today, we're taking a deep dive into the captivating universe of blue. This timeless color isn't just a pigment; it's a vessel that carries feelings and stories across cultures, generations, and styles.

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As we navigate the psychology of blue, we'll uncover its remarkable ability to influence emotions, creating serene havens and inspiring surroundings. But that's not all – we're thrilled to unveil our interior design team's top picks from Benjamin Moore's blue paint palette for the year 2023. These shades aren't just colors; they're threads that weave trends, aesthetics, and emotions into a harmonious tapestry of design.

So, join us on this voyage as we explore the depths of blue's impact and reveal the chosen Benjamin Moore blues that are set to define design trends for 2023. It's a journey where psychology and aesthetics intertwine, enlightening your understanding of color while igniting your creative passion.

A Journey through Blue's History

Blue's journey stretches back over 5,000 years, intertwining with human history, culture, and symbolism. Its early associations with the church painted it as a symbol of innocence and trustworthiness. This symbolism extended to military and police uniforms, fostering a sense of trust and reliability. But what truly captures our fascination is blue's undeniable ability to stir emotions and create moods.

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The Versatility of Blue

As an interior design team, we're captivated by blue's versatility. It seamlessly adapts to various spaces, styles, and design visions. Yet, it's blue's remarkable impact on mood that makes it a timeless favourite. Blue exudes a non-confrontational calmness, promoting peace and tranquility. Its connection to nature, particularly water, adds a touch of soothing serenity to any room. From dramatic and moody to soft and subtle, blue's spectrum of hues allows us to play with emotions and aesthetics.

Our Favourite Benjamin Moore Blues and How We Use Them

Let's dive into some of our cherished Benjamin Moore blues and discover how they paint the canvas of our designs:

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Bren's Picks:

Jamestown Blue HC-148: This captivating blue with its 'tealy' undertones instantly transports you to a tropical oasis. A single brushstroke can make a splash on a kitchen island or create a ceiling feature that elevates the entire room.

Summer Day CC-786: Just like a perfect summer day, this powdery hue radiates vibrancy. Ideal for standout furniture pieces like sideboards or hutches, it captures the essence of sunshine and serenity.

Old Navy 2063-10: A room adorned in this 'ink' blue wraps you in comfort like your favorite pair of jeans. Its stately elegance complements classic decor and colour schemes, adding a bold twist.

Whispering Spring 2136-70: This barely-there blue whispers of freshness, infusing spaces with crisp cleanliness. It has the magical ability to make whites and pale hues glow, revealing a rare beauty that holds personal significance.

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Taylor Rumber, Designer, Niagara Designer, Simply White Interiors

Taylor's Picks:

Newburyport Blue HC-155: This darker navy tone becomes the foundation for reinventing existing furniture. It lends itself to bold accents through coordinating blue stripes or patterned fabrics, breathing new life into antique silhouettes.

West Coast CC-750: This serene blue finds its home in bedrooms, evoking the tranquility of water. Neither too dark nor too light, it paints a picture of calm and captivates the essence of being near the water.

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The psychology of blue is a fascinating journey that intersects history, emotion, and design. As an interior design team, we're continuously inspired by blue's ability to transform spaces and evoke feelings. From serene bedrooms to captivating accent pieces, our collection of Benjamin Moore blues tells a story of tranquility, elegance, and creativity.

As we paint the canvas of your interiors with the timeless allure of blue, remember that every hue carries a unique emotion. Let's embark on a design journey together, using the power of colour to craft spaces that reflect your personality, emotions, and aspirations.

Reach out to Simply White Interiors if you'd like a design consultation about which blue works for you! Contact Us HERE!

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