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how we take your ideas and bring them to life.

At Simply White Interiors, we recognize that your home is a canvas for your aspirations and a testament to your discerning taste.

Our process is designed exclusively for clients who demand nothing less than sophistication and functionality in every facet of their living spaces.

Interior Design Consultation at Simply White Interiors, in a large white room with white furniture, Taylor rumble is taking notes


Our journey begins with a discovery call. This intimate conversation is where we delve deep into your needs, your lifestyle, and your unique preferences. We understand your aspirations, enabling us to craft a design that not only enhances aesthetics but seamlessly integrates with your way of life.

THE Consultation

From the voice on the phone to a face-to-face connection, we ensure our understanding of you is all-encompassing. Our on-site consultation, spanning approximately one and a half hours, offers the opportunity for a comprehensive walkthrough of your space. Every corner is observed, every nuance is captured, and every detail is considered.


The design proposal marks the culmination of our collaborative journey. With your feedback and our meticulous attention to detail, we present a blueprint that radiates your identity. This document is more than a plan; it's a testament to the fusion of your desires and our mastery, a foundation upon which the transformation begins.


our services

+Conceptual Design Development

+Project Management

+Space Planning, conceptual

+Finish and Material Selection

+custom Furnishings 

+custom bedding, drapery, blinds
  & upholstery on-site

+Colour Consultation

Bren Petrunick, holding her glasses and scrolling her smart phone, in white office, at Simply White Interiors, Interior Design Firm, Niagara on the Lake
Taylor Rumble, working on his tablet, at Simply White Interiors, Interior Design Firm, Niagara on the Lake

we work with you from inspiration to installation

Excitement builds through every step of our design process. We look forward to bringing the design to life with the finest suppliers, professional contractors,
in-house SWI manufacturing, and our
impeccable attention to detail.


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