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Designing with Blue: Unveiling the Many Moods

Seeking a quick mood uplift? Longing for tranquility or excitement? Look no further – there's a shade of blue for every desire.

Universally cherished, blue effortlessly adapts to various styles, moods, and hues, making it a favorite among designers, myself included. Yet, beyond its versatility, the allure of blue lies in the emotions it awakens. The sheer beauty of blue is as diverse as the interpretations it sparks.

The question lingers – which shade suits your vision, where should you let it flow, and how can it truly shine?

Blue Sunroom on Lake Ontario. Plaid Blue Furniture, Blue Chairs, Blue Furniture. Interior Design by Simply White Interiors

The Kaleidoscope of Blue Emotions

Blue isn't just a color; it's a symphony of emotions. It effortlessly weaves inspiration, introspection, serenity, stability, relaxation, romance, and drama into its hues. This makes blue an exquisite palette for every room.

However, navigating through the plethora of blues – from Sky to Ocean, Periwinkle to Midnight – can be bewildering. To find your inspiration, let art, culture, travel, or nature guide you.

Choosing the Right Hue: Unraveling the Blue Palette

Venturing into the realm of blue at your local paint store unveils a spectrum of choices – light and dark, muted and vibrant, warm and cool. Yes, you heard right – blue isn't just cool. Warm blues carry a hint of purple, projecting a forward presence in a room.

Meanwhile, cool blues bear green undertones, creating a sense of recession. The temperature of your colors shapes your palette. Whether blue takes center stage, plays a supportive role, or adds an accent, maintaining consistent temperature is key for balance.

Blue Pillows on a kingsize bed, white frill, and pale blue pattern, custom bedding designed by Simply White Interiors

Striking the Balance: Blue's Art of Harmony

Balance – the cornerstone of interior design. It's what transforms a space from pleasing to perfect, even when you can't quite pinpoint why. Balance is the careful distribution of elements – color, size, shape, light, materials – to create a harmonious whole. In your color scheme, the 60-30-10 rule guides balance. The dominant hue occupies 60% of surfaces (think walls and rugs), the secondary color claims 30% (furniture and accent walls), and the accent hue steals 10% (accessories and art).

For harmony, choose complementary colors with a touch of contrast. Blue, being a cooperative companion, harmonizes with its fellow hues – from its variants to red, orange, green, yellow, and the timeless white.

Blue pattern upholstered chair, custom design, living room with built in shelves, in Niagara on the Lake, designed by Simply White Interiors

Design with Blue Boldness

Embrace blue's versatility beyond convention. Transform mundane spaces with daring choices. Elevate a small area like a powder room or home office with a vivid jewel-tone or a bold wallpaper. Infuse a traditional setting with an unexpected twist – a blue ceiling and trim. Unveil the power of the pop – a small, vibrant element that captures attention, such as accessories or artwork.

With an ocean of blues at your fingertips, explore this captivating color that has cemented its place as a decorating darling. Discover why blue continues to hold hearts and spaces in its embrace.

Join the conversation about blue, and see more of our designs using our favourite colour over on Instagram! Follow along @SimplyWhiteInterior

Bren Petrunick, Interior Designer, Niagara Designer, Niagara Interior Design Firm

Bren Petrunick

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